Thursday, May 4, 2017

Archery Practice

In June I am scheduled to participate in the National Senior Games. Which are Olympic style competitions geared for participants over the age of 50. Participants compete against others in their age bracket. For example, I will be competing against other competitors between the ages of 50-55. This keeps things fair among the competitors. 

The games will be held this year in Birmingham, Alabama between June 5-14 and marks the 30th anniversary of the games. I will be competing in Archery. 

The Archery competition is what is known as a 900. This is shooting 30 arrows at 60 yards, then 30 arrows at 50 yards and finally 30 arrows at 40 yards. A total of 90 arrows, for a possible score of 900. This is done twice over two days and the scores are combined. The archer who has the highest combined score is the winner.

I have been doing a lot of practicing for this tournament. It will be the largest I have ever participated in personally. Everyday, when the weather permits, I try and shoot a  minimum of 150 arrows to build stamina. Beginning next week, I will be in the final month of training and will begin more serious training. 

My final training will consist of three full practice rounds a week. These full practice rounds will be a complete warm-up and scoring rounds. In essence, I will practice exactly like the tournament will be held, including scoring each arrow at the proper distances. 

I hope this will help me focus and get mentally prepared. I know my equipment is ready, but lately I have developed a flinch that came from no where. I am sure it is mental, but I am having difficulty shooting without it. Consistency is gone! But I have a month to prepare and the best way to get over it is to practice and practice some more. 

Equipment I am using:
Bow:  Prime One STX
Arrow: Gold Tip Kinetic Platinum 400 
Release: True Ball four finger thumb release
Sight: CBE - 6x magnification
Rest: AAE Blade
Rangefinder: Bushnell

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