Monday, June 19, 2017

POMA 2017

This past week I was fortunate enough to attend the annual business meeting of POMA the Professional Outdoor Media Association. The conference attracts writers, editors, broadcasters and journalist from across the country for four days of fun.

At this years conference, we spent a day at the range where we got to test several awesome guns and brands of ammunition. Some of my favorites were the CVA muzzleloaders. Having never shot a muzzleloader i was quite the novice. Thanks to Tony Smotherman for his patience in showing me all of the details of how to load, shoot and clean their guns. Before the week was over I bought a CVA Acura Muzzleloader! 

I shot the Optima and their Optima pistol. A fifty caliber handgun that is one of the most fun to shoot handguns I have ever fired. I will definitely be owning one of these soon.

In addition to the CVA, I also was able to shoot some Bergara rifles. These high end rifles are designed for extreme accuracy and long range power. They shot like their reputation suggests.

Then there were the Crosman air rifles. These are not your child's BB gun. On the contrary. These fine firearms are extremely powerful and accurate. Whether you are shooting the break barrel .177 caliber or the Pre-charged Pneumatic (PCP) in .22 caliber these are excellent guns for small game.

Lastly was the Aguila Ammunition. Both in the 20 gauge, 12 gauge shotshells and in the multitude of handgun ammunition I shot the ammunition was excellent. The shotshells were extremely fast. As soon as I pulled the trigger the targets exploded. With the handguns it was a little different. Our targets were close and static. But in the 9mm, the .380 and the .40 all shot extremely well and cycled through the semi-autos flawlessly. Even the new .38 Super shot very well.

All in all, the day at the range was beneficial and one that I took away a lot of knowledge of brands that I knew little about. But suffice it to say, I will be spending my money on these products for a long time to come.

After the gun range we had other activities to keep us busy. On Friday evening we were having a silent auction and a live auction. An awards ceremony and food. During the ceremony I was fortunate enough to win the Piccacle award for the Newspaper / Web Category.  A special thank you to Mossy Oak for sponsoring the awards.

I must admit that I was humbled and honored to have won this category at the event. Still, God is good and the sun will come up tomorrow.

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