Sunday, January 28, 2018

Best Custom Grip for AR Rifles

Every once in a while, one runs across a product that is, well very well done. At this years SHOT show, I wandered into a booth by Unique-ARs. Personally, I have never heard of this company before this year at SHOT, but as I wandered into their booth, their beautiful hand guards caught my eye.

Grip before customized
Unique-ARs makes custom hand guards for AR shooters. You design it, they make it and send it to you. While this is a great product, this is not what caught my attention. Rather it is their new Unique-Grip. Introduced at this year's SHOT show Industry Day on the Range. The Unique-Grip is a simple design that completely customizes to each individuals hand.

Grip after Customized 
By removing the bolt in the pistol grip of your AR rifle, one simply slides the new Unique-Grip over the frame, and secure the screw that is provided. (CAUTION - be careful when removing the old grip that you do not lose the safety spring) reinstall the new Unique-Grip. Just before securing the provided bolt completely. Grab the grip with your shooting hand and squeeze. While holding the grip firmly, tighten the bolt completely. Now the grip is customized to fit your hand. It is that simple. If you don't like it, just loosen the bolt and try again.

There are many "custom" grips out there, but none are as simple to use or as adjustable as the one by Unique-ARs. For only $65 dollars you can have a great comfortable and custom grip for your AR platform gun.

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