Monday, January 1, 2018

Pushing into 2018 with Excitement

Each new year opens with a lot of optimism, a little trepidation and a lot of excitement. This year for me is no different. 2017 was my best yet as an outdoor writer. I published more stories, in more outlets than ever before. 2018 is looking better than 2017 did from the onset. I am very optimistic that more doors will open and better work will come from it.

If there is one thing I have leaned in this outdoor writing lifestyle I embarked on almost 20 years ago is that the work never stops. Doors still need to be knocked on, introductions need to be made and hands need shaking. The outdoor writing arena is a tight knit group with competition from some of the greatest scribes to ever string together words are plying their trade. My attempt to join those ranks is meek at best. I never expected to be considered among them, only to partake. To find some niche that my words can nestle into and find a home. I am thankful some of these words have indeed found a home. I am humbled each time someone takes a few minutes to sit and read something I wrote. I hope it in someway entertains, inspires and comforts. I pray some of my words motivates some, comforts others and places a smile on your face as you read.

2018 will be a time for me to get off my literary butt and to finish some projects I began far too long ago. I plan to publish 10-12 stories a month for different outlets. And to finally get some of my E-books out there. I have fifteen started and none finished. I would like to get at least five completed this year. In addition I hope to finish a novel I began in 2017 and get a great start on a big project I am doing in collaboration with some dear friends in the outdoor industry with the hopes to getting it into your hands by the beginning of 2019!

I also have a list of 30 new videos I need to do for my YouTube channel and I am considering starting a Podcast in 2018. There is so much to do...

God has been so good, and with each obstacle I see his hand at work. I will push forward and continue to seek his guidance and know that each day is a gift. As I tell my children, "There are no bad days, only good days or great days. You decide what today will be. Choose wisely."

2018 will be a Great year. I hope yours will be also. 

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