Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Gamo Swarm Air Rifle

Gamo Swarm Air Rifle
A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to get invited to the Squirrel Masters Classic in Alabama. The brain child of Jackie Bushman and Gamo air rifles. The Squirrel Masters Classic pits some of the best known outdoor television hosts against one another in a squirrel hunting event using only air rifles.

This year the event held again at the Southern Sportsmans Lodge outside of Montgomery Alabama, featured the Gamo Swarm air rifle. A .22 caliber break barrel air rifle capable of shooting ten pellets without reloading. Each team was outfitted with the same air rifle and pitted with some of the finest squirrel hunting dogs available.

Personally I had never hunted with air rifles. Although cutting my teeth in the hunting world chasing eastern grey squirrels, I never opted to use these modern air rifles. After the first two squirrels were shot my me, and they dropped like a lead balloon, I was convinced in both the lethal-ness and accuracy of these rifles.

4-H kids from the area were the main
focus of the event. 
These break barrel rifles are pushing the .22 caliber pellets a whopping 900 feet per second. Any squirrel withing thirty yards was easy targets for these rifles. The SMC was won by Jacki Bushman's team taking home a total of 42 squirrels. An impressive number, and dethroning the three time champion Bone Collector team who tied for second with Doug Koenig's team with 30 squirrels respectfully.

Since returning home, I have had the chance to really test the Gamo Swarm. Shooting targets at varied ranges, and have been really impressed with the accuracy. These pellets hold true to about 35 yards before noticeable drop begins to happen.

I was also able to test the Gamo on larger game here at home before all of the seasons closed and saw its effect on larger game such as raccoons and beaver. Brain shots were fast and efficient. The raccoons were taken at ranges of out to twenty yards, while the beaver were much closer. Still, the Gamo Swarm was able to make a quick dispatch.

The modern pellet rifles by Gamo are reliable and cost effective. Many states are opening up hunting more and more to these rifles. My home state of South Carolina does not have any caliber restrictions on hunting on private lands. Gamo is offering larger caliber rifles for larger game. I am anxious to test some of these larger calibers on mid-sized game including hogs and deer.

I do believe the tip of the iceberg is happening with air rifles and we will see advancements in these rifles as viable options in the years to come and Gamo is leading the way.


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