Tuesday, April 10, 2018

New Book Now Available - HERE

For a few months I have been telling you about my new book So You Want to Hunt Turkeys? Finally it is now available!

A long road to publication is complete and the books are flying out the door! I sold more the first week than I planned for the first two weeks! God is good.

This book is a collection of stories that I had written through the years on hunting turkeys. The stories were re-worked and polished for the book. Unlike many other books that are strictly "How-to" hunt books, this book tries to be different. I spend a good deal of effort discussing not only the "how" to turkey hunt, but also the "why" we turkey hunt.

The wild turkey has caused many men to go insane chasing this cunning bird. His tendencies to become invisible, to out think and out maneuver are legendary. The wild turkey creeps into the soul of the hunter and transfixes them. The roar of a gobble, deep drumming and spitting of strutting birds brings to life the reason we love being in the woods during the spring.

The book is available for purchase on this website. Use the link to the right to buy the book via PayPal or use your credit card. Indicate how you want the book inscribed and I will personally sign and inscribe each one. The book is $30 plus $4 shipping.

I hope you enjoy reading and perusing the pages of this newest book, and chasing the legendary long beards of your imagination.


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