Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The EVISCERATOR Broadhead A Total Game Changer

The Eviscerator
An all new design of Broadhead for the Hunter

           Are you tired of tracking your animals? Does following blood trails at night become a burden? Do your television fans complain because they cannot see the animal fall after the shot? Are you a terrible shot and need help killing animals you shoot? Look no further, the EVISCERATOR is here and will revolutionize how you hunt.  
          It wasn’t that long ago when broadhead brands were touting a 1” diameter cutting surface, then they began to grow to 1 ½”, 1 ¾” and now there are dozens that are over 2” of cutting surface. These larger cutting broadheads proudly announce large blood trails and fewer lost animals.  
          Well, today, we introduce a totally revolutionizing way of killing animals with a bow and arrow. No more are you going to have to kill the animal, follow a blood trail and recover your animal. No longer will it be necessary to field dress your buck. The all new advanced technology of the EVISCERATOR does it all for you!
          The engineers at Disembowel Inc. have designed a mechanical broadhead that will change the way you hunt. The ENVISCERATOR flies like a true field point but on impact releases 7 deadly razor blades that slice through your game with precision and tenacity. Each of the seven surgical steel blades are made of stainless steel and each one measure 9 inches long! Giving you a total of 49” of cutting surface! Your buck will not only die almost instantly, but the EVISCERATOR will disembowel him before he hits the ground! No more field dressing, no more bloody hands and smelly knives. The 49” of the EVISCERATOR does it all for you.
          To ensure the effectiveness of the broadheads, each of the broadheads in the three-pack are one-time use. The blades lock open permanently and cannot be retracted – even with a hammer! The magnesium, stainless steel and corrugated polymer cutting head begin the penetration before the seven blades are released. As the EVISCERATOR enters the animal, each blade is released in a precise order predetermined by the archer. using his smart phone. This precision release of the blades allows it to slice in the exact direction desired for the maximum disembowelment.
          Larger game will want a counterclockwise release, while smaller and thinned skinned game may prefer a clockwise release of the seven blades. This precise release angles are one of the many ways that separates the EVISCERATOR from the competition.
          Hunting with a bow and arrow will never be the same!
          Get your three pack of EVISCERATOR broadheads from a dealer near you for an unbelievable low price of $799.99. And not only be the envy of hunting camp, but put fear in every animal in the woods. 

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