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Le Chameau Boots - A Review

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If you have spent any time afield, you have heard of the boot company Le Chameau. 
If not, you are missing out on the finest footwear built today.
It all started when master boot maker Claude Chamot spent the day listening to his customers of farmers, hunters and fishermen complaining that their boots were uncomfortable and unreliable. Mr. Chamot designed and built a natural rubber boot that was tested and stood up to the punishment his customers needed.

As his reputation grew, expansion followed but the craftsmanship remained. In 1950 a real breakthrough emerged with Le Chameau boots. Mr. Chamot merged his rubber technology and craftsmanship with that of the saddler and fashioned the Saint Hubert - the first rubber boot with a leather lining. This boot quickly became the standard by which all other boots were measured.

Image result for le chameau chasseurIn 1970 Le Chameau introduced a boot that has become the standard by which all rubber boots are measured. Created with the hunter in mind, the Chasseur was the first rubber boot to have a full length waterproof zipper. It even comes available with eight different calf sizes for an almost perfect fit. The Chasseur comes with Kevlar reinforcement on the front of the boot to protect against wear, premium leather lining and leather insole. Each Chasseur boot is hand made by a master boot maker after a long and rigorous apprenticeship. Each boot is unique due to the handmade qualities.

In addition to the high quality, Mr. Chamot believed in permium customer service and offers a full 2 year guarantee for all of his boots.

To make matters even better, if rubber boots aren't your thing. Le Chameau now offers a full hiking/hunting boot called the Condor.

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The Condor
An Ultra-lightweight Nubuck leather boot with some of the finest leather available. This boot has a multi-layer Le Chameau LCX® Technology. This technology guarantees waterproof and breathable. The full grain leather is made with environmental friendly Terracare®. The sole is deep forest green with Michelin Compound for superior durability, flexibility and traction. These boot are insulated and made for hunting, hiking and other activities down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Weighing in at a total of 4.6 pounds these boots are the lightest full size leather boots I have ever personally tested. The full speed lace is another plus. By removing all of the speed lace getting a foot inside with full wool socks is a breeze. Allowing the lacing to be quick and easy. The quality of the leather meant that from the initial fitting the boots 'felt' like they were already broken in and ready for a hunt.

Recently I received each of these boot to test and evaluate. I have to say the Condor is performing  above expectations. Which is hard to believe. The boots fit perfectly to my size requested. The leather is some of the finest I have seen in any quality boot. And the comfort is above par. The price of these boots is nothing to balk at, but after trying them, it is easy to see that for many, these are a lifetime purchase. These boots will hold up for decades. Barring an accident that could damage any boot, I am confident I will never need anther pair of boots. In two weeks I will be taking these Condor boots to Colorado for a high country elk hunt. It will be interesting to see how they perform basically 'out-of-the-box'. Thus far, testing has been positive and the over thirty miles I have placed on them have been comfortable.

The Chasseur full length leather lined rubber boot with a full zipper was quite the surprise. Reading about the leather lining, the first thought that came to mind is 'i bet they are some more hot boot'. Thinking my feet would sweat profusely being inside a leather lined rubber boot. And if you have ever worn rubber boots you know there is no way for your feet not to sweat in them. Add to that the leather lining and the initial thought was not positive. However after trying them on and wearing them for several hours, I realize just the opposite was true. The leather allowed your feet to breathe some and my feet were not nearly as hot an sweaty as other boots.
I love he full zipper for ease of entry and removal. To this point they have not leaked at all. Comfort is a difficult thing when it comes to rubber boots. The out-soles are typically hard and the support is terrible. However, I found that with the Le Chameau Chasseur, the opposite was true. The comfort and feel was outstanding. If you are looking for a boot that will last a lifetime, or even an everyday rubber boot, the comfort of the Le Chameau is worth the money.

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