Monday, April 24, 2017

Today marks a new beginning for my blog. For some time I have been distracted by other obligations and have ignored my own blog. Writing for so many other blogs that I forgot what got me started. It was here, almost twenty years ago that I started my writing career, and life as an outdoor scribe. So now I return, to the place it all began....well sort of. Actually, I began writing before the invention of blogs, but I was a quick convert and became captured with daily ramblings. It was here that my first book was born and so now I hope to find the time to continue my ramblings, of this and that. Thoughts, things and sightings of the ordinary and exciting. 

Perhaps a few announcements, a few afterthoughts, and a few pondering's of the daily things that place smirks and smiles. I am enthralled with the ordinary and the exciting. I find excitement in the ordinary and mundane. Perhaps you do too. If so, then come along and join me as we move through life of the not-so-famous. Join me as those whose existence is everything to a few and an afterthought of many. We will piddle, ponder, and explore the things of the outdoors that are more than a hobby, more than a passion. The things that are our lifestyle.