Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Rock Island Armory 1911 in .22 Magnum - A Review

Admittedly, when I  first saw that the gun Rock Island Armory sent for me to test was a 1911 in .22 magnum I  was disappointed.

What would someone want with a 1911 in .22 magnum I  thought to myself.  But being true to the process. I went to the range, pulled the RIA A1 in .22 Magnum from the case and was blown away with its feel, accuracy and the quality with which it was made.

The weight of  2.5 lbs. it is a good fit for a rimfire. Being in the 1911 frame, it should be heavy and should be robust as it is. The top eject was not something I  preferred, but I  quickly dismissed it once I  began shooting and seeing the groups I  was able to obtain in short order.

Shooting with the top eject did take a minute to get used to. I  am not accustomed to seeing the cases eject from the top, so target acquisition took some getting used to, but was quickly obtained.

Not only was the RIA 1911 in .22 magnum accurate, it was plain fun to shoot. Like all .22 magnum pistols, they are loud and the energy generated from the rimfire is impressive.

For decades I have been a big fan of the .22 Remington Magnum cartridge. The energy this little bullet generates is so much more than the .22 LR that it makes it a fine all around rifle for small and medium game. Many feral hogs have met their demise to the .22 Magnum, as has a few alligators and other critters.

This version from Rock Island Armory is one of the finest .22 magnum pistols I  personally have tested. Solid frame, adjustable trigger (from 4-6 lbs.), balanced and a magazine that holds 15 rounds makes this an excellent pistol for small game hunting and for concealed carry. The rubberized grips prevent slipping with wet hands, and the parkerized finish is a breeze to keep clean.

In conclusion, I  found the RIA A! XT 22MRF pistol to be one of the more enjoyable pistols I have tested in a while. Easy to load, fun to shoot and the fiber optic sights are a blessing for aging eyes. This is definitely one 1911 you need in your collection.

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