Monday, November 18, 2019

Rock Island Armory A1 1911 - A Review

Honestly, I  have never been a fan of the 1911 framed semi-auto pistol. I am sure I  will get a lot of flack for that comment, but that is ok. There are a lot of fans who carry nothing else and that is great. But for me, I have always preferred a smaller framed pistol, especially for concealed carry.

But recently I  was fortunate enough to get a chance to test the Rock Island Armory A1 1911 in 9mm. And I  have to admit, I  may just be a convert!

First impression of the RIA 1911 in 9mm was impressive. It fits my hand beautifully and is balanced extremely well. Weighing 2.56 lbs. empty this 1911 is exactly the right weight for this full size framed pistol.

A single stacked magazine holds 9 rounds which is ample for the range or self defense. As a pistol owner of many styles and frames, I  have always been a fan of the Rock Island Armory quality. Made in the Philippines, these pistols are some of the finest you will find in this price point.

At the range, the A1 1911 handled excellent. Target acquisition was fast, recoil easily manageable with the weighted frame and target re-acquisition was a breeze. I  found it to be accurate right out of the box. Able to hit 8" steel targets at 20 yards with ease.

After a few hundred rounds through the RIA 1911, I  found nothing that it would not handle. Extreme rapid fire, slow fire, and using the Armscor 9mm ammunition, it cycled flawlessly and handled everything I  threw at it.

The parkerized finish is one that personally is preferred over a shiny finish. Disassembly was not as easy as some other brands, but was certainly not anything that was difficult either.

The Rock Island Armory A1 1911 in 9mm is in my estimation the perfect 1911 available. While I  know there are many who prefer the 1911 in either a .40 or .45 caliber. I  find the 9mm to be about right for what most people use and carry for.

In a defense situation, few human beings can withstand the impact of a 9mm. And with the rapid fire capabilities of the RIA 1911 in 9mm, they certainly cannot handle multiple shots.

When owning several handguns, pistols or revolvers, keeping ammunition straight is a big safety factor. By keeping your options limited, it lessens the chance for a mixup. For that reason alone, I  prefer to keep my carry guns in the same calibers, and not expanding beyond those two. The same is true for my hunting handguns. By limiting the caliber options to a few, I  lessen the chance for a mistake.

Without hesitation, if you are looking for a good solid 1911 for your personal carry gun, or just want one for target shooting. The Rock Island Armory A1 1911 in 9mm is one you should strongly consider.

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